Server 2022 patch import issue

We have been having issues where the Server 2022 patches never seemed to get imported. The did go through some major changes back in February so I just blamed it on that as it was not mission critical for our environment at that point.
With an increasing number of Server 2022 systems onboarding it became a priority and I finally had cycles to look at it. Here's what I found...
When we initially installed PlatformInstaller-windows2022-80.0.89164.0 the installer_steps added the incorrect OS identification:
<local name="Add support for patching"
command="/opt/opsware/bin/python2 scripts/add_windows_patching_support.pyc -i $PLATFORM_IDS$ -n $DISPLAY_NAME$ -m '0bffc290-7797-11eb-9df1-b53b59dbbb7d' --arch 'x64'"/>

After installing the newer PlatformInstaller-windows2022-80.0.90208.0 it added the correct OS ID but left the old one in the configuration.

Bad - '0bffc290-7797-11eb-9df1-b53b59dbbb7d': ('Windows Server 2022 x64', '10730043'
Good - '71718f13-7324-4b0f-8f9e-2ca9dc978e53': ('Windows Server 2022 x64', '10730043')

System Configuration > Configuration Parameters > Software Repository. Made the following changes:

patchman.mbsa_os_arch - removed the Bad value
patchman.ms_mbsa20_products - removed the Bad value
patchman.ms_mbsa20_product_to_platformids - removed the Bad value
patchman.ms_mbsa20_selected_products - Replaced 0bffc290-7797-11eb-9df1-b53b59dbbb7d with 71718f13-7324-4b0f-8f9e-2ca9dc978e53

Saved it, double checked the values and then restarted the agentcache and then re-imported the file.
The proper patches for Server 2022 were available for import. Thought I'd share as I can't be the only client to have experienced this.