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Global Sheel error 3053

I am having issue connecting to remote server via Global Shell with error below:

Error from remote (3063): servicehpiohpsa does not have runCommandOnServer as LocalSystem on device 72730001 

Normal communication test succeed. Only affecting Windows Server 2022 & RHE8.

Setup details:

HPE Server Automation Client 10.60 (build 70.0.82519.0)
HPE Server Automation 10.60 (build 70.0.76255.0)

Is there any setting to enable this?

Thanks in advance.
  • Suggested Answer


    The User you are trying to use to execute a command does not have the proper rights on the server.The user needs to be active and should have the password set to never expire

    Connect to server using powershell

    WMIC USERACCOUNT WHERE "Name='servicehpiohpsa'" SET PasswordExpires=FALSE 

    net user [USERNAME] /active:yes

    Hope this helps,