odownload working examples


I'm trying to work out how to download agent.srv using odownload but all I can get is this message below. I have tried different values for --os but dont really see why the os matters when I am downloading and I have copied agent.srv to the root directory in case it was that but nothing works.

[root@xxxxxxx ocli]# odownload --os 1 "/Opsware/Tools/Agent Support/agent.srv" /root/

Error Encountered

Name: ocli.remoteFileNotFound
Description: The specified file cannot be found in the Package Repository.
Solution: ['Verify that the package exists in SA using the SA Command Center or enter a package that exists on the Package Repository. ']

Time: 16/Nov/2022 232700
Hostname: xxxxxx

Ive checked the docs and the online help but cant get past the file not found issue even though the file is in the library at that location.

If anyone has some working examples I'd really appreciate it.

We use oupload extensively and that has no issues.