Server Automation: mm_wordbot service failed to start


I have SA 10.20 Installed on Single Server. when I am trying to start the services i m getting error "mm_wordbot failed to listen on 1003".

I checked wordbot log it shows: "error_name:  spin.notFoundInDatabase".

Then I checked spin log and i found - "[17/Jul/2017 13:11:58 0000] ERROR "spin.notFoundInDatabase" - - - - "{'msg': "No Device found for IPAddress '<SA_CORE_IP>-0'", 'timestamp': '17/Jul/2017 131157', 'line': 19217, 'hostname': '<SA_HOSTNAME>', 'method': 'getReachableDevice', 'module': ''}"

Is anybody face similar kind of issue. Kindly suggest.

Note: I have changed the actual IP and HOSTNAME with <SA_CORE_IP> and <SA_HOSTNAME>

Thanks & Regards,

Amey B

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