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SA | 2018.08 | Platform support for SLES15@PPC64LE

Status : Delivered

A platform installer is now available on the Micro Focus Marketplace at this link:

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9 months ago

Dear MiFo,

Please add the platform support for SLES15@PPC64LE into current SA product (2018.08 and 2020.11). Previously the SLES12@PPCLE, SLES11@PPCLE and SLES10@PPCLE were supported, now with the release of SLES15 it would be nice to have agent support for it, too.

We have a bunch of SLES12@PPCLE managed devices in our PROD SA environments and we expect them to be upgraded to SLES15 sooner or later. Without platform support they cannot be further managed by SA.

Thank You



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