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Support of newer releases of SLES for both Core and Satellite server

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over 2 years ago


for CORE and Satellite server we do only support the old SLES11 version, which is running out of support this month. Is there any plan to support SLES12 or SLES15 in SA 2018.08 for both SA core or Satellite server? 

How does the roadmap look like or do we stop supporting SLES as an OS for Core and Satellite server?

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  • We are no longer permitted to run SuSE 11 in our environment as it is end of life. 

    SuSE 12 has been available since 2014...  

    SuSE15 has available since 2018...

    It is our expectation that when we pay hundreds of thousand of dollars in maintenance fees, that the application vendor stays up to date with new OS releases.  It is completely unacceptable that the Satellite software is not supported on an OS (Suse 12) that is been available for 6+ years!


    These updates should be provide automatically, without the customer having to beg for them!!!!!!

  • Please let us know, is there a new stage regarding SLES15SP1-support ?
    Thanks !


  • please be so kind and add SLES 15 SP1 for the OS