NEW COURSE: Server Automation for Policy Administrators Digital Learning with Specialist Exam


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Digital Learning


Two Day


SA Policy Administrators are power users who are responsible for architecting what SA does in a production environment. For example, they determine which operating systems can be installed on your managed servers and how those operating systems are configured during installation. They also approve patches for installation in the operational environment. In other words, SA Policy Administrators create and manage the content and SA policies.

This course is intended for all Server Automation (SA) administrators who need to fulfill the role of an SA Policy Administrator.

Certification and Learning Path

This offering supports SA administrators with the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare for the SA Policy Administrator course (SA02SP) Specialist Exam. For details on the SA Learning Path, see the ITOM Certification and Learning Paths.


In this course, SA Administrators learn how to perform basic SA policy administrative tasks such as creating OS Build Plans, provisioning an operating system, managing software policies, creating and utilizing patching policies, and enforcing compliance on SA managed servers.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to: 

§  Describe and use OS Build Plans (OSBP)

§  Provision an SA managed server

§  Install and Uninstall Software Using Software Policies

§  Manage Software Updates Using Software Policies

§  Describe Microsoft Patch Administration Tasks

§  Use Patch Policies to Install Patches

§  Scan and View the Compliance Status of Servers

§  Remediate Non-Compliant Servers


To be successful in this course, you should have the following prerequisites or knowledge: 

§  Basic networking knowledge and skills

§  Basic knowledge of the purpose and architecture of SA (equivalent to Course SA00SP)


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