Customer Story: Akbank orchestrates harmonious data center operations in IT Symphony project


This Symphony delivers a master performance: Micro Focus Data Center Automation Suite helps achieve 15k human hours/week savings at Akbank

As one of Turkey’s largest banks with a reputation for excellence, Akbank is committed to investing in technology that will shape the future of banking. Wanting to automate manual processes to minimize errors, reduce risks, and empower employees to work with outstanding efficiency, the bank chose Micro Focus as its technology partner for ‘Symphony’, its innovative IT automation project.

Using the Micro Focus Data Center Automation Suite of products—Server Automation and Operations Orchestration – Akbank’s central automation team analyzed all manual IT processes and mapped them to automation tools. Standard orchestration flows automated provisioning, patching, and compliance controls. Automation for compliance included CIS benchmarks, compliance for patching, and custom controls for internal audits.

Completed in only eight months, Project Symphony produced immediate results: average savings of 5,000 human hours per week in 2019 which soared to 15,000 human hours per week during remote working periods due to COVID-19 in 2020. Automation and standardization also eliminated manual errors and reduced risk, as well as making it possible to continually run compliance controls and easily generate compliance reports.

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