For Discussion: RPA to automate repetitive or UI based tasks

In general, RPA can automate repetitive mundane tasks that could then run autonomously, freeing up employees to react to dynamically changing issues that require human interaction or decision making – whether they are business or personal issues requiring immediate attention.  But we also thought it useful to talk about how RPA could be used specifically in these challenging times.  For example:

  • RPA can be used to automate the repetitive retrieval of data to supplement a Business Continuity Plan (BCP); for example, drawing information from a local health agency to identify if employees in a given location are suddenly at higher risk.
  • For larger companies being tasked with suddenly providing remote access to employees not yet configured, an RPA task could be automated to configure such access (e.g. VPN) across all employees based on an employee information repository (e.g. Active Directory).

I'd also like to broaden the conversation to include additional ITOM solutions – e.g.

  • SMAX can be a key Enterprise Service Management platform to deal with an influx of requests and incident.  RPA could amplify SMAX by:
    • Automating repetitive tasks done commonly for requests/incidents like updating contact information for employees across multiple web sites (HR, Medical, Financial, etc.)
    • Automating the opening tickets online with outside vendors (e.g. Telecom, Facilities) when phone calls are not viable
  • OpsBridge can monitor unanticipated load on infrastructure resources and RPA could enable responses to this by: 
    • Automating  run-book-automation tasks to quickly resolve them
    • Finish the "last mile" of Disaster Recovery tasks where manual configuration through a UI is needed
  • HCM enables deployment of more virtual environments to add capacity and RPA could:
    • Communicate with edge devices where only command line / UI interaction is possible
    • Perform post-deployment configuration only available through a UI currently

Is anyone else considering or using RPA to automate tasks in response to COVID-19 issues?