Blog: SBM enables Library of Congress to rapidly react to changing processes while working remotely

The Human Capital Directorate at the Library of Congress is utilizing the Micro Focus Solutions Business Manager (SBM) and Service Request Center (SRC) platform as a Managed Service during this COVID-19 pandemic. This HR group, within the Library of Congress, provides HR related services such as Telework Requests (a huge challenge with the COVID-19 situation), Hiring Management, Transit Subsidy requests, and many other business functions. Being flexible and developing this Managed Service offering led to the Library of Congress signing up with Micro Focus to provide SBM and SRC, services and hosting to the agency as a yearly subscription.

With the success of this offering, the agency’s leadership truly sees Micro Focus as a trusted partner who is able to deliver quality solutions under even the most adverse and challenging conditions. The team Micro Focus team achieved Go-Live for the “GovCloud SBM-SRC Managed Service” at the end of April despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Late last year the Library of Congress approached Micro Focus seeking a secure Managed Service solution they could run in a FedRamp GovCloud environment to meet their needs around their HR processes. The goal was to streamline their HR processes, provide a flexible quality solution and simplify their IT infrastructure environment. The agency’s evaluation process included Micro Focus plus competition from ServiceNow and Atlassian Jira.

Getting creative, the Government Solutions Sales, Professional Services, Pre-Sales and Partner teams came together with Product Management to create an offering to meet the Library of Congress' needs. Micro Focus offered host SBM-SRC in a partner provided GovCloud FedRamped environment, achieve an Authority to Operate (ATO) and provide a subscription model for the pricing. The customer enthusiastically agreed to pursue this offering and worked with the team to develop a costing model that made sense for the offering along with the necessary security plan that is needed to operate in this environment.

In the midst of the development of this offering, the COVID-19 pandemic struck the United States and remote workers became our new normal. The Library of Congress had an immediate need to accelerate their timelines to meet the needs now facing their HR team. This is where the Micro Focus team and our partner shined. Without missing a beat Micro Focus continued the out of the box thinking to get our secure cloud based system in place. This ingenuity and drive to get this done resulted in the Library of Congress champion and her team to receiving numerous accolades from their leadership and other divisions. Their ability to adapt their processes and applications built in the SBM platform exceeded expectations: “At the end of a long day, I wanted to let you know how thankful I am that management and the operations team had the foresight and has moved our workflow to SBM. Without SBM, working remotely would have been tedious and we would have had to rush to work out new processes and would have had many bumps on the road.”