Be Prepared for the Stress Test of Your Network - Streaming NNMi Performance Data to BVD by Example

Business Value Dashboards present your data in real time in a very flexible layout for visualizing on any browser capable device.  Within Micro Focus Network Operations Management (NOM) suite, there are several out-of-the-box data sources, such as incidents from Network Node Manager (NNMi) and device configuration and vulnerability from Network Automation (NA).  These data sources can be streamed to BVD when integration is enabled.   However, the current NOM Suite by default does not include an out-of-the-box performance metrics data source for BVD.  This article will demonstrate how to build a new data channel solution to achieve this requirement with a concrete use case.

Use Case Description:  Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Company A is requesting all its employees to work from home.  The company is responding to an urgent request from top management and needs to conduct a network stress test.  This is done to make sure its network infrastructure is capable of providing sufficient bandwidth and to identify bottlenecks rapidly.  Also top managers request insight into network status and performance. They want to use NOM to capture the required metrics to validate the test and stream the results to an executive business dashboard.

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Raquel Winkler
Micro Focus Community Manager
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