When patching the itom-ingress-controller-svc the external IP is always pending


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In Helm Install of Containerized CMS on SMAX CDF using BYOK on AWS, post installation there is patching that we need to perform to patch the ingress controller which would then give us teh FQDN of the NLB that was spun up. When we run that the itom-ingress-controller-svc says its patched but never we get the FQDN and the External IP for the service is always pending. can we know why this happens, is it because we have less IP (i checked the 2 subnets and we have approx. 100 free Ip's), or its unable to get a name when patching and creating the NLB with AWS (but i can see in AWS the NLB is created but the listeners are not added) or is it some other issue. Is there a way to figure out what is the problem and which are logs we need to check to figure out the rootcause.


Sunil Nair

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    The problem is just half an hour back resolved. When a NLB is spun up by the application it use the combination of the namespace and a string to create target group to which it will forward the request.

    There was ghost of older target group that existed in the AWS that cause duplicate names for the target group and thus the new NLB was not able to register the target group and thus create a listener.

    Once we deleted this ghost target group from probably an old install, the NLB was able to register the target group and listener and the external IP  resolved to the FQDN of the NLB.

    Post that it was usual of registering the Network interface to the ALB and accessing the application via ALB which worked smoothly.

    I took an AWS expert to figure out that the error was due to duplicate target group that existed.


    So one possibility is to have a check done by the application if these ghost of NLB and Target groups exist since they use same string names for the naming these target groups and if it does then inform to either clean up during check process or get clean by themselves using AWS commands. This would be suggestion to incorporate in future releases.