When patching the itom-ingress-controller-svc the external IP is always pending

Hi All,

In Helm Install of Containerized CMS on SMAX CDF using BYOK on AWS, post installation there is patching that we need to perform to patch the ingress controller which would then give us teh FQDN of the NLB that was spun up. When we run that the itom-ingress-controller-svc says its patched but never we get the FQDN and the External IP for the service is always pending. can we know why this happens, is it because we have less IP (i checked the 2 subnets and we have approx. 100 free Ip's), or its unable to get a name when patching and creating the NLB with AWS (but i can see in AWS the NLB is created but the listeners are not added) or is it some other issue. Is there a way to figure out what is the problem and which are logs we need to check to figure out the rootcause.


Sunil Nair