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(CO) Support Tip: How does the "INSTANCE_DELETION_THRESHOLD" parameter work with CO and OMi/OMx?

Hello CO Community,

As you may have seen with previous posts or answers to questions, there is a new Parameter that was introduced with OMi Management Pack for CO verion 1.24 but fully tested with OMi Management Pack for CO version 1.25.  This parameter is the "INSTANCE_DELETION_THRESHOLD" parameter.

This parameter was instroduced as part of the following defect:
QCCR8D83763 CO node discovery adds and deletes nodes from OML/OMi server frequently

There are two parts to the Cloud Optimizer (CO) and OMi/OMx integrations.

  • CO Collect data from environment and places it in the CO database.
  • OMi/OMx Policies query CO database and forwards information to the OMi/OMx environment.

The defect QCCR8D83763 is encountered when the discovery process fails to properly discover an instance to update the information within the Cloud Optimizer (CO) database.  When this occurs, the deletion of the instance can occur within the OMi/OMx environment.

Rather than delete the CI, this parameter acts as a counter which decrements until it reaches '0'.  This parameter is configurable and can be increased using the "ovconfchg" command.

More information about this paramter and how to set it is included within the following knowledge article.

KM02942064 - How does the "INSTANCE_DELETION_THRESHOLD" parameter work with Cloud Optimizer and OMi/OMx?

There are ongoing investigations in this area.  More information about additional options may be available at a later time.

I hope that this information is helpful.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  • is the new link for the above, and I have a question about this threshold. 
    If the agent is restarted does the INSTANCE_DELETION_THRESHOLD get reset to 5 ?
    e.g. value =5  and the normal daily inventory scan runs for 3 days, not finding the CI, so the del_count now is 2. The agent is restarted, what happens?
    is the del_count of 2 persisent,

    does the del_count get reset to 5

    does the agent reestart push current cache after full local sync with CI discovery (i.e. removes the instance immediately ?)

  • Suggested Answer

    Hello Kevin,

    Thank you for providing the new link and asking your question.

    Let me help answer your question and provide some general information.

    1. If the default value is set to 5 and the instance fails to discover 5 times in a row, then it will delete it.
    2. By default, the collection cycle is every 5 minutes.  This means that if the collection fails 5 times in a row (approx 25 min), the CIs could be deleted.
    3. If after failing to discover 3 times and then is able to discover once, the counter is reset to 5.
    4. I believe that the counter is stored within the cache of the agtrep.  Stopping and restarting the OA agent should not restart the counter.

    If you need a 100% guaranteed answer, then you would need to open a support case and get the answer from engineering.

    I hope that this helps.