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Dynamic script populating ERROR( message: An error occurred while executing the script with the supplied parameters.)

While creating dynamic script in HCM ..for one of the script we are encountered below error (Refer Screenshot)

" message: An error occurred while executing the script with the supplied parameters."

script is : 

var providerID = request.providerId;
var datacenterName = request.datacenterName;
var clusterName = request.clusterName;
println_info("providerID : " + providerID);
println_info("datacenterName : " + datacenterName);
var fileName = 'vCenter-' + providerID + '.xml';
try {
var clusterList = CSAIntegrationHelper.executeXPathQueryOnSyncData(fileName, '//AvailableDatacenters/datacenter[name/text()=\'' + datacenterName + '\']/AvailableClusters/cluster');
println_debug("clusterList : " + clusterList);
var availableValues = [];
for (i = 0; i < clusterList.length; i++) {
var cluster = clusterList[i];
var cluster = cluster.evaluateString('name');
'displayName': cluster,
'value': cluster,
'description': cluster
} catch (e) {

println_error("Exception in vCenter cluster js " + e);

Can someone guide me on this 


  • It looks like this is a configuration problem.

    Is this an API call? Did you give the url in the script? Have you tried a simple http call and got it working?

    Did you try to execute the Javascript outside HCM (like on a tomcat or other appserver)?

    Look at the csa.log and see if there is any hint for the issue.

    If the problem persists, please open a support ticket we will help you to solve it.