Webinar: Optimizing Your Cloud Costs with FinOps - Jan 26 2023, 8:00am PST


Presented by

D. Linthicum, Best-Selling Author; B. Labruere, VP of R&D; T. Greene, Sr. Marketing Director; A. Savio, PM Micro Focus

About this talk

The price tag on cloud is higher than businesses anticipate. The reason? Waste and inefficiencies that creep into your cloud due to a lack of visibility, control, optimization, and accountability. Grab your coffee and join us at our virtual table to discuss the FinOps (cloud financial management) with David Linthicum, internationally recognized industry expert and thought leader. You’ll learn how to identify cloud waste and implement best practices for optimizing your cloud spend going forward. You’ll also learn about the Micro Focus approach to FinOps. More specifically, we’ll cover:

• Understanding the who, what, and why of cloud spending. Finding the cost monitoring data needed to understand cloud computing costs as part of FinOps.
• Finding cloud spending insights. What the spending data means, including cost spending observability for FinOps.
• Cloud spending optimization using FinOps. How to leverage FinOps data and observability to optimize efficiency using automation and return value to the business.

• Travis Greene, Senior Director of ITOM Product Marketing, Micro Focus Presenters:
• David Linthicum, Technology Visionary, Cloud Innovator, AI Pioneer, Best-Selling Author, and Speaker
• Bruno Labruere, Vice President of ITOM R&D, Micro Focus
• Alex Dominic Savio, Senior Product Manager, Hybrid Cloud Management, Micro Focus



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