Customer Story: Telekom Srbija


Cloud services business takes off after deploying self-care cloud marketplace.


Create a modern, self-care cloud marketplace, enabling customers to buy and manage cloud services easily and quickly

Telekom Srbija’s cloud services business was slowed down by a cycle of paper forms and manual processes.

The telco didn’t offer a way for customers to order cloud services online. The only way for customers to order services was to create, sign, and seal paper service request forms. Customers then had to wait lengthy periods while the telco carried out the service request. This cycle repeated every time a customer wanted to modify, upgrade, or cancel a cloud service.

Another challenge was connecting a myriad of back-end IT systems. As a company that had operated for more than 15 years, Telekom Srbija had legacy processes that were not suited to the pace of cloud service delivery. As a result, when a customer ordered a virtual machine, they would sometimes have to wait two days before they could use it.


+ Delivered software-as-a-service applications within three minutes
+ Improved customers’ experiences, by providing them with a self-care portal for modifying, upgrading, and canceling services


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