How to Create a User in CSA and MPP


I want to create a user in CSA Management Console and Marketplace portal. I don't have LDAP access and hence I'm going for a local user.


I followed following steps for user addition in CSA:

1. Logged in to CSA application server.

2. Encrypted password along with role with following command:

java -jar passwordUtil-standalone.jar encrypt <password>,CSA_ADMIN,enabled

Output of this command gave me an encrypted password.

3. Edited file under path HPE\CSA\jboss-as\standalone\deployments\idm-service.war\WEB-INF\classes

Added a new user with following string:

myuser=ENC(<encrypted password given by above command>)

4. Save and tried login to CSA Management Console with user myuser.


I'm able to login to Management Console but getting attached error every-time I click any option under my left panel.

Am I missing anything here? Please help.

Also, please guide me on the MPP user creation as well.