(CSA) Support Tip: IE 11 issue with items grayed out

In IE 11 the subscriber options are greyed out under Price Breakdown.


If you are seeing this issue please try the following steps:


  1. Login to the system where MPP is installed, and browse to the following location-%CSA_HOME%\portal\node_modules\mpp-ui\dist\bower_components
  2. Depending on which portal theme is being used, browse into mpp-enterprise-theme or mpp-pilot-theme or mpp-theme directory. The default theme uses mpp-theme
  3. Edit the dist/main.css file.
  4. The file is minified, so scroll down to the end and add the following line select[disabled='disabled']::-ms-value {color: #ffffff;}
  5. Save the change and repeat for remaining two themes
  6. Clear the browser cache and view the page again. You may have to force refresh the browser once again.