Dynamic List Refresh Timeout for Offering


I am using HP CSA 4.50.
I using dynamic list for a property. The list contains company names selected on MPP .
I have added a new jsp , which is getting the list from a remote server over HTTP GET and returns as XML.
I have published that offering on MPP.
When a MPP user clicks on that offering, the property which contains dynamic list is loaded from the remote server with the company names.
But then when the user returns the home page of the MPP and then clicks on that offering again this time list is not loaded from remote server.
I think a list returns which is holding on CSA cache.
But a couple of miutes later I can see the updated list on the next try, because CSA asking the list from remote server.
I guess there is a timeout for this. I have looked at the documents related with this and also Apendix A, but could not find information.

Could you please inform me what is the value of the timeout for this?



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  • Hİ Kumar,


    I can not update right now as I am using HP Helion Cloudsystem Enterprise.

    For the fix it says : 

      Since Option value cache timeout is reduced to one second - instant cached
        results will be presented


    Could you help me which is that option and written in which file? So I can have a check by changing only that option to one second if it is possible.



  • The file ehcache.xml resides in CSAHOME\jboss-as\standalone\deployments\csa.war\WEB-INF\lib\apis-04.50.000-SNAPSHOT.jar

    Any changes to the cache file requires unbundling of jar file which is not recommended practice, inturn impacts the supportabiity of the product.



  • Hi Kumar,


    Thanks for the update. I am trying to install Pacth2 but I am getting the below errror :

    "This patch will be applied only on CSA version CSA version found."

    HP Cloudsystem Enterprise 9U1 was installed by HP Experts. According to Installation guide there is no previous update patch for CSA pacth 2 . So I did not understand why I get this error? Where can I check the full csa version? There are some files written different versions ending with 0 , 256 etc.


    Asking for just curious : the related fix is chaning timeToLiveSeconds of dynamicPropertiesValues.propertyServiceImpl to 1 instead of 300 within  ehcache.xml?




  • I would recommend to raise a support ticket for the patch upgade failure.