Error when executing DQL query


In our EM based application, we are structuring a DQL query to retrieve products from EM according to some criteria, here is the query:

select p._uuid as prodId, as prodName from productArtifact p
left join businessServiceArtifact feature using p.aggregates
left join goalArtifact goal using p.associatedWithIncoming
left join driverArtifact driver using p.influencedBy
left join constraintArtifact constraint using p.influencedBy
where (lower( like :searchcriteriaWildcard OR lower(p.description) like :searchcriteriaWildcard OR lower(p.keyword.val) like :searchcriteriaWildcard
or lower( like :searchcriteriaWildcard OR lower(feature.description) like :searchcriteriaWildcard
or lower( like :searchcriteriaWildcard OR lower(goal.description) like :searchcriteriaWildcard
or lower( like :searchcriteriaWildcard OR lower(driver.description) like :searchcriteriaWildcard
or lower( like :searchcriteriaWildcard OR lower(constraint.description) like :searchcriteriaWildcard

when executing it, I get the attached error (error1.png), I noticed that the error occurrs when both clauses (left join driverArtifact driver using p.influencedBy) and (left join constraintArtifact constraint using p.influencedBy) exist at the same time because when I remove one of them and keep the other the query run successfully, I am guessing the reason is that in both those clauses we are using (using p.influencedBy), I tried to change the two clauses to be like this

left join driverArtifact driver on bind(p.influencedBy)
left join constraintArtifact constraint on bind(p.influencedBy)

but got the same error, when I change one of the clauses to be like this:
left join driverArtifact driver on driver._uuid =
I get the error attached (error2.png)

can you please advise how to structure the query correctly keeping both the relations