CSA SAML Integration Example, Need Support

Dear Team,

we are trying to do SAML integration, we have followed Configuration guide CSA 4.8 starting from Page 254.,

we have created first Rule #1 @page 257  as it's mentioned, i have concern for outgoing Claim , as since we try to access CSA through SAML it give access denied.


c:[Type ==


Issuer == "AD AUTHORITY"]=> issue(store = "Active Directory", types =

("Group"), query = ";tokenGroups;{0}", param = c.Value);


we even tried with Rule#2 , @page 258 Step 9 -

For the LDAP attribute, select Token-Groups – Unqualified Names  >>> is that suppoed to be mapped to outgoing to anything ?!

I have to say that we see that documentation is confusing in that part, at least it should give sample configuration for that area.


Did anyone done that integration before?


  • Hello,

    did you succeed to install SSO on CSA please ?

    I follow the administration guide and I don't understand the ADFS part. When I read : 3. Click Relying Party Trusts and select the trust where you will create the rule. I don't understand which trust might been selected. I suppose that I must create a Relying Party Trust but how ? I know use the wizard but only when I have a description of the trust to create.

    For steps after, I think it's ok.



  • you can refer to your ADFS administrator asking for creating Trust relay with documentation steps as mentioned.

    Still not successfully implemented we are facing an issue in the outgoing claim resulting Access denied in MPP.

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