Conditional branching in Sequenced service design

Hi, Could someone let me know or point to some document where it shows how we can branch flow depending on a certain condition.

I have attached the sample flow I'm using. I need to branch from Infrastructure service to either the Azure server group or VMWare server group depending on a condition. Please let me know if you need any other details.


  • Hi

    Azure and VMWare are two diffferent providers. One way to impliment a solution is to add two resource offerings from each provider. Based on a choice selected during order, the respective offering will complete the provision while the other will exit.

    Design would have a single server component having both the resource offering binded on the component.

  • (This seems like a dupicate thread)      

    2 ways to achieve this,

    1)  have two child component paterns (Azure and VMware) set a parent component property and clone pattern based on VMware or Azure. (Preffered) 

    2) create a flag on component property and check before executing Azure or VMware workflows 


    Ashish Rajbar