(CO) Support Tip: Cloud Optimizer troubleshooting toolkit (PVTK) description and FAQ

Hello CO Community,

I know that many of you are aware of the PVTK utility that is being used by support to collect configuration and log file information (pvsupport.sh -grab).  This utility was created by support engineer Thierry Ledent and is a great help for troubleshooting Cloud Optimizer issues.  Thank you Thierry!

What may not be as well known is the description and FAQ page associated with the PVTK utility.

KM02600579 - Cloud Optimizer troubleshooting toolkit (PVTK) description and FAQ

Within this page is information about the different utilities that are available as well as some FAQs.

Tools described within document:

  • Tool /opt/OV/contrib/PVTK/pvsupport.sh
  • Tool /opt/OV/contrib/PVTK/pvdump.sh
  • Tool /opt/OV/contrib/PVTK/pvpath.sh
  • Tool /opt/OV/contrib/PVTK/pvtk.sh

Be sure to take a look at this information so that you know all of the options that are available to you to support your Cloud Optimizer environment!

FYI, an updated version of the PVTK tool is currently being worked on, so more information may be available in the future.

I hope that this information is helpful!

Have a great week!