User Operation Client Token for Parameter Does not Resolve



I´m having trouble with a Token for User Operation [CLIENT:<parameterName>], on my case [CLIENT:NFS_Path].


The situation is the following:

I have an User Operation in a Resource Offering that have 3 Input Parameters.

The 1º Parameter is a Prompt List with 2 possible values, and for each of these values on the 2º Parameter i want to receive that Token to have another Prompt List that goes to uCMDB via script and prints values for the value chosen in the 1º Parameter.

However in testing if I hardcoded the Value of the 1º Parameter in 2º Parameter Variables it works but with the Client Token it doesn't, also testing I tried to try to solve and find where was the problem and basically the problem is that the Token doesn't resolve instead of getting the value from the 1º Parameter it uses the value of [CLIENT:NFS_Path].


Thanks in advance and I will put some prints attached.