What is Best Practise for consumer portal CSA/MPP Dynamic dropdowns - JSP via DB vs JQuery via API

Hi all, 

First post so please be gentle. We have an implementation of CSA and OO as a service provider and therefore some of our offerings need to poll internal systems (eg: vcenter) for data to present to the customer in various subscription offerings in dynamic dropdowns.  I was hoping there would be a method for MPP to poll an API using Jquery AJAX in order to dynamically populate dropdowns and other form elements during the completion of a subscription.

An example use case would be as follows. An offering exists where a System health check can be performed against at target host. I would like a dynamic dropdown in realtime presented to the customer which listed all their VM's.

As above, being a service provider we have multiple tenants, and therefore would like to create an API call of sorts which retrievies a realtime list of all VM's associated with this tenant (specifically by polling vCenter directly). The client side api vis jquery call would have an associated auth token allowing the customer's browser to query the API.

An alternative method would be an OO job to populate a SQL database with a list of VM's but this would not be realtime and could put uneccessary load on vCenter with constant queries, especially as the number of tenant VM's increases.

If we are able to expose dynamic data via an API call this would open up options and the type of data that is available to the consumer portal for integration into various service offerings.

Any comments and feedback are welcome.




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