changing CSA access URL

hi everyone,

has anyone tried to change the access url of csa? 

example: old access url = and wanted to change to new url =

thank you!


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  • We have a similar requirement to have another URL access MPP (other than the FQDN of the server hosting MPP). Given that we have integrated with self signed certificates and SAML, what other configuration changes do you see ?

  • Hi,

    you can change IP and FQDN information but for certificate and SAML you will need to update them both, for Certificate you have to re-request it like same as you have done during installation.

    For SAML, you may need to update your SAML server return address to the new DNS, check your SAML server documentation for such updates.


  • Hi again,

    you may revise the following files for DNS/Hostname updates.

    please check the old address and replace it on the follownig files