[CSA 4.6] CSA HTML notifications translation


The Marketplace takes in consideration the language configured on the browser to present it with the according locale rb.json file but how does it work with the HTML notifications that CSA sends? Does it only exist in english?

Doesn't seem to make much sense to have the marketplace with one language and then send all notifications in english...

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  • Hi Kumar,

    Sorry I didn't understand. If a user has the marketplace opened with the browser local language German and so the marketplace is in German language, does this mean that notifications of requests done on that session will be sent in german? And If another user logs in into the same Marketplace from a different browser with English language, notifications will be sent in English?

    Where are all the language HTML notification files? I only see one set of them and they are all in English out of the box.



  • Storing browser locale back into CSA is not supported yet. UserPreferences feature is not available in MPP.

    There are no token available in HTML templates which provides handle to a locale of an MPP user.

    So if CSA is installed to support German, HTML notification templates can be customized to send notifications in German.