(CSA) Support Tip: Standalone.xml is not restoring the original values after upgrading to CSA 4.50

Please see page 2 of the attached document entitled Known Issues and Workarounds for the CSA 4.5 Installer.


Problem: The customized standalone.xml file is not restored to its original location after upgrade.


Failure message: Verify jboss deployment failures under <CSA_HOME<\jboss-as\standalone\deployments.


Probable cause: Fresh standalone.xml file is updated after the CSA 4.50 upgrade.


Solution: If the standalone.xml file was customized prior to the upgrade, then the customizations must be manually merged into the upgraded file after the upgrade. You can find the previously customized xml file in your backup location. Important: Do not replace the new standalone.xml with the old one from the backup location. Just merge the previous customizations into the new file.