[CSA Support Tip] Installing MPP Service


CSA was installed on a Windows server not containing .NET Framework 3.5. The installation of the HP MarketPlace Portal service failed to start with an error as the mpp_service_error log contains the message "The Service Name is invalid". The system does not contain the entry in the services.msc for the MPP.

How to install MPP service on same system on which the Cloud Service Management Console is installed without re-running the entire CSA install? Is there a way to install just the MPP on a machine running CSA?



Once CSA is installed it does not allow you to re-install CSA or just install MPP on the same machine without uninstalling the product.

Please perform one of the following:
1. Install MPP on a separate machine and integrate it with CSA.
2. Uninstall CSA, install the .NET framework, and reinstall CSA. While installing CSA, select No for Install Database components and point to the same database that was created in the previous CSA installation.