[SOLVED] Certificate and HPE Operation Orchestration


I follow this guide : "Operations Orchestration Software Version: 10.70 Windows and Linux Operating Systems OO User Guide".

I try to install certificate to not have warning certificate on my web browser with the OO homepage. I don't understand step 4 from chapter Replacing the Central TLS Server Certificate (p. 322). I understand that I convert a .cer certificate (or .pem) in a PKCS12 format. However, I don't know what the private key "inkey" is. Where can I find it please ? How did it generate ? I don't know what is name in the same command.

The command : openssl pkcs12 –export –in <cert.pem> -inkey <.key> -out <certificatename>.p12 –name <name>



Edit : Finally, I didn't follow the guide. I reproduce about the same procedure that in CSA guide.

I delete the alais tomcat from the store key.store :

keytool.exe -delete -alias tomcat -keystore e:\HPE-OO\central\var\security\key.store

I generate a keypair with keytool :

keytool.exe -genkeypair -alias tomcat -validity 1825 -keyalg rsa -keysize 2048 -keystore e:\HPE-OO\central\var\security\key.store

I generate a CSR for my internal authority :

keytool.exe -certreq -alias tomcat -file e:\Certificat\tomcat_csr.txt -keystore e:\HPE-OO\central\var\security\key.store

I download the CER certificate from my authority in answer to the CSR demand. I download th eroot certificate authority too.

I import the twice in my keystore with beginning by the root certificate :

keytool.exe -importcert -alias root -file e:\Certificat\oorootca.cer -trustcacerts -keystore e:\HPE-OO\central\var\security\key.store

Start OO Central

NB : Previously, I added too the root certificat ine the store client.trustore

keytool.exe -importcert -alias oorootca -keystore e:\HPE-OO\central\var\security\client.truststore -file e:\Certificat\oorootca.cer