Flows to Create VM using vCenter



Are there any guides on what SPECIFIC flows what to use for us to create a VM from scratch with just vCenter?

Using the .iso files of OS in the vCenter Datastores.


Thank you!


  • If you are using OO 9.07, one can find operations to create VM from the following location


    /Library/Integrations/VMWare/VMWAre Virtual Infrastructureand VSphere/Virtual Machines/


    Look for operations Create Virtual MAchine.


    There are no OO operations that is supported to create instance using an ISO file. You can create a VM instance using the ISO manually and clone to a template. There are operations which can be used to create instances using templates.


    There may be operations available using power shell client, which can used on command line to create instances using a ISO. If available, you can use OO operations to execute these power shell scripts.




  • Hi Kumiisc,


    We're actually using 10.02. So you're saying that we can't modify flows that are to be clone? for example we want to Increase RAM of a particular VM? or its Network/IP Configuration? So we're dealing with fixed configuration just like what the VM template looks like?


    Our architecture is without the use of SA so we're trying to figure out how to modify things with just the vCenter only.


    Thanks and God Bless!


  • Maki


    Once a VM is cloned from a template there are operation available in OO to flex memory or add network etc. Check the opearations supported in OO for VCenter.

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