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Button to suppress subsequent Pause Notifications for subscribers

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Already Offered
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over 2 years ago

Brief Description:
Button to suppress subsequent Pause Notifications for subscribers
Benefits / Value:
This notification is sent to the customer every time a subscription fails. They would like to have an option where could suppress subsequent Pause Notifications for subscribers. For instance, in the way that the customer would receive only once this notification and not every time it fails.

Design details:
Have a button or checkbox


Cloud Svc Automation
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  • Hi, we can confirm that with newer CSA versions its gone. idea can be closed

  • I do not think that a subscriber gets notified EVERY time a specific subscription is paused. If a subscription is paused more than once then only the operators are notified each time pause occurs, but the subscriber is notified only during the frist pause, not in subsequent pause. If that's not what we're seeing then please log a defect as the system was designed to work that way and I know it had worked that way for some time, if not now also,