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CSA Portal progress indicator

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Waiting for Votes
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over 3 years ago

It would be useful for the CSA Portal to display a progress indicator, based on the Events shown under the Operations section in the management console.


Cloud Svc Automation
  • Michael, I fully agree with the proposal to let the service designer to reflect the progress, as the system itself can't determine in a generic way.  With the current notification API it is possible to send periodic progress of the fulfillment, but that notificaiton would show up in the history section which is not very visible upfront. 

    So, if we provide a similar API to indicate percent completed and additional message for conveying any additional information and display that in the subscription list overview (and also subscription detail), it would let the service implementer to decide whether they want to implement it or not for their consumer. MPP would display that information if it finds that the information was sent, otherwise it will not display any progress - does that sound reasonable? 

    This is easier implementation and would add flexibility to service providers for their consumers/

  • i would vote for this. but leave the implemenation up to service designers.

    we see great value in this because exactly for complex Services that run long in deployment (e.g. longer then a day) Customers get unpatent when they just see no progress

    i suggest that you just provice a % api. so service designer can judge on theire own when they set certain percentage.

    also with the Percentage i would add a status message.

    so service designer could write 10% -> deploying server

    20%-> registering Configitems.

    deployment finishing automatically sets to 100%.


    from my perspective shoudl be easy to implement for Microfocus and great userexpeience value for MPP users


  • What would that progress indicator show? Percent completed ? Or how many more actions remaining to be executed ?

    It will be hard to provide an accurate representation of percent completed as the time required to execute different action would be different, can't be estimated, so such indicator can be misleading.

    How many more actions remaining to be executed can be reported for most cases, but there are some exotic service designs where components can be added on the fly as provisioning is happening,  for such cases, it will be difficult to report how many actions are remaining to be executed.