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End user request can be modified by approver before provisioning (+ multi-level approvers)

Status : Already Offered
over 2 years ago

•Brief Description
A request, submitted from user, before provisioning can be modified by approver

•Benefits / Value
This help organizations, with different level of maturity, to adopt HCM solution as default tech catalog.
Today, in the manual process, there are a lot of exceptions that need to be managed. Some can be addressed eg. using MPP & input validations, other still managed manaully

•Design details
After the request has been submitted, the approver (defined in the auth process) can do these tasks:

- Approve: the request without any modification
- Reject: the request (the request back to the end-user). The req is still open (like before submit) and need some change from end user. A field with instruction from approver is displayed
- Refuse: The req will be rejected & closed from approver. End user will be informed
- Change: The approver can change any value in the req and approve it. The end user will be informed that his req has been approved with these new values changed by "approver"

** Additional value could be **
- Define multi level of approvers (not just one)
- Define which fields can be modified by approvers
eg. Approver1 (1st level) can modify just filed1 & field2 (other fields are in RO)
Approver2 (2nd level) can modify just field3 & field4

This mean that I should have the ability to define a granular level of security for each input in the req