Idea ID: 1769643

Enhanced User Operations for OOTB Azure Capsule / Brokered Services

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

It would be nice to go deeper than only Stop / Start / Restart for OOTB User Operations associated to OOTB Azure designs and brokered services.

The idea would be to have all the operations one could do on a VM on Azure directly OOTB for all designs.

Azure Compute

The Azure Compute APIs give you programmatic access to virtual machines and their supporting resources. For a more detailed overview, see the Virtual Machines product page.

REST Operation Groups

Operation Group Description
Availability Sets Provides operations to create and manage availability sets.
Extensions Provides operations to add and manage to virtual machine extensions.
Managed Disks Provides operations to create and manage managed disks, managed snapshots, and managed images.
Platform Images Provides operations access the platform images available in Azure.
Usage Provides operations to get to usage information of your resources.
Virtual Machines Provides operations to create and manage virtual machines.
Virtual Machine Scale Sets Provides operations to create and manage virtual machine scale sets.


Some examples ...

Disk Management : Add / Modify / Remove / Extend

Snapshot : Take / Delete / Revert

NIC : Add / Modify / Remove 

Full CPU / Memory Management

VM : Clone / Rename / Migrate

Alarm : Add / Modify / Remove

Inventory Management.

All the actions are already in a CP or retrievable in an API swagger. They should be OOTB in all Azure designs for all VMs. One could still hide the actions that is not required, but as a single point of consumption for legacy / cloud / paas, HCM should at least provide all actions one could do in Azure portal.