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HCM out of box content for IBM Cloud, Apache Cloudstack and Nutanix

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

We are getting more and more demand for Out of the box HCM content for the following Resource Providers:

* Apache Cloudstack
* Nutanix
* IBM cloud

Currently we can only provide custom build workflows via REST API it seems.

I think we can significantly  reduce time to market for our customer base using above Resource Providers. Hence I would like to propose to generate OOTB content for these platforms. 




Cloud Svc Automation
  • Hi Alex,

    Good news about Nutanix and IBM cloud. 

    Regarding Apache CloudStack, I think Provisioning and Orchestration would be a good point of departure:

    Apache CloudStack content:

    ■Allows end users to create, store and manage revision control of templates.
    ■ Provides templates that support the inclusion of at least compute instances, block storage volumes, network and security configurations.
    ■ Provides templates that allow the specification of dynamic parameters that will be set at provisioning time.
    A template is not just the combination of compute instance size with a particular image. It is a build manifest that can be used to provision multiple elements at once. The management of provisioning templates is part of the practice commonly referred to as infrastructure as code (IaC). IaC helps ensure system integrity into runtime repeatedly, and it supports the implementation of DevOps capabilities.

    ■ Based on these templates, have the full service life cycle capabilities to provision, modify and un-deploy the template based resources.

  • Nutanix and IBM Cloud are in the roadmap. Need more information on Apache CloudStack requirements.