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MPP Notification - we do not want to send the email

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago


This idea is about a feature we developed to make CSA better inform admin and users (in MPP) about the detailed status of their subscription requests.

Bradesco's management requested us to give a little more detail to end users on what's happening while they're provisioning their subscriptions.

We added some "Send Mail Notification" steps to our OO flows and the operations started to be displayed on MPP Subscription's Notifications pane as we wanted.

However, this function also sends e-mails for every step we want to notify, and this has generated complains about the volume of messages the users are receiving.

Our idea is to add a function that works in a way to log the operation on the Notifications pane of MPP without actually send the e-mail message to the end users.

Can you please take this question/ER to R&D to get their prioritization and implementation plan?


The feature will benefit Bradesco, one of the largest Financial Institutions in Latin América (headquarters in Brazil).

Thank you,

Fernando Lemos