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MPP Welcome Page

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

We are implementing HCM for an Internet service provider who wants to go public with (Virtual) Private Cloud offerings for enterprise customers. The customer wants to have a single URL/home page for the MPP regardless which organization the given consumer is belonging to.

Ideally, there would be a single/unified logon page, and based on the entered credentials the corresponding MPP/catalog of the correct consumer organization would be displayed.

As a first step into this direction, HCM may optionally support a "Welcome Page" before the logon page(s) to the various consumer organizations are displayed.

This welcome page would serve multiple purposes:

  • It would enable a single URL/entry point to any (consumer) organization.
  • It would support a drop-down list to select the consumer organization. Because this would publicly expose the whole list of consumer organizations without logon, this should be an optional feature.
  • It would provide an option to list the Terms & Conditions of using this web page and its services (possibly addressed by link).
  • It would (optionally) contain a cookie acceptance feature, which is a legal requirement for any public web offering in order to comply with the GDPR rules in the European Union since 2018-05. -- Applies only if the MPP uses cookies, of course.

Because all of this could easily be achieved with a single custom HTML page, it would possibly be good enough if the MPP web server supports the delivery of a single custom welcome page (stored on NFS) as part of its configuration.