Recent HCM Enhancements


The following are new enhancements to HCM:

Category Enhancement ID Description
CDF QCCR8B35238 You can now re-run a suite upgrade if the upgrade process fails.
CDF QCCR8B33377 The script now validates JSON files before using them.
CDF QCCR8B35091 The CDF_API_SERVER, CLIENT_REDIRECT_URI, and IDM_API_SERVER parameters now use baseconfigmap.
CDF QCCR1E155775 CDF can now create a schema for an external database automatically.
CDF QCCR8B31596 When installing a suite, CDF now checks that any suite-configured NFS shares are empty.
CDF QCCR1E155187 The start time of kubernetes-vault-init is improved.
CDF QCCR8B34348 You can now import and export an organization's authGroup configurations in IdM.
CDF QCCR8B34396 IdM now supports backing up CAC auth configurations in the Org backup function.
CDF QCCR8B35061 Fixed an unclear log message for the script's reset password function.
CDF QCCR8B35089 ADMIN_IDM_SERVER_URL now uses baseconfigmap.
CDF QCCR8B35350 You can now unlock a locked user in
CDF QCCR1E155794 A new parameter in the getUser API returns both the user and the user's group after a specified time.
CDF QCCR1E155793 A LastModifyTime property is added to the User entity, together with logic to update the LastModifyTime property if user membership is updated.


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