Support Tip: Cloud Optimizer 3.10 Prerequisite Check Script and Usage Information


Version 1.1h
Date: August 10th, 2021

Download COpt_3.10_Prerequisite_Check.tgz

1 - Copy COpt_3.10_Prerequisite_Check.tgz file to planned COpt 3.10 Server.
2 - Extract tgz file into a temporary directory (Ex. /tmp/scripts).
    Ex. tar -xvf COpt_3.10_Prerequisite_Check.tgz -C /tmp/scripts
3 - Run the "" script to check the system.
4 - Output is recorded into the COpt_Prerequisite_Check_<Date_Time>.log file in the current directory.
  "Usage: [-sz <Deployment Size>] [-tz <Time Zone>] [-ts <Time Server>] [-change] [-enable]"

   "-sz <COpt Deployment Size> = Size of COpt Server Deployment (Optional, Ex. small, medium or large, default is small)."
   "-tz <Time Zone> = Set System Time Zone and synchronize time if necessary (Optional, requires using -change option.)"
   "-ts <Time Server> = Time Server to be used with Time Configuration (Optional, requires using -change option.)"
    "-change = Change the prerequisite settings to required settings for installation (Optional, Default is to Not Change settings)."
    "-enable = Enable the Firewall after configuring required ports (Optional, requiries using -change option.  Default is to Disable Firewall.)"
A log file of output is generated within the COpt_3.10_Prequisite_Check_<date/time>.log file in the current directory.
Examples of Usage:
To perform a check only:
# /tmp/scripts/
To perform a check only for a non-small environment:
# /tmp/scripts/ -sz large
All additional options require using the -change option.
# /tmp/scripts/ -sz small -tz America/Los_Angeles -ts -change -enable
How do I obtain support for the script?
The prerequisite check script is a contributed toolkit and does not have an official support.
Nevertheless we are interested to know about potential problems and suggestions.
For now, feedback can be addressed to .
Questions will be addressed on best effort basis.

Change Log:
    - Corrected minor comparison errors.
    - Added required settings for CentOS/RHEL 8 that were missing for Transparent_Hugepages.
    - Corrected Time Zone and Time Server settings to confirm valid OS.
    - Corrected OS Check to obtain correct information for CentOS/RHEL 7.x or 8.x.
    - Corrected usage information.
    - Modified some comments.
    - Corrected some statements to be included within generated log file.
    - Add echo statement for READAHEAD check when file system is using LVM.
    - Only perform I/O Schedule check for file system/disk not using LVM.
    - Included check for Time Pools (RHEL 8.x) instead of only Time Servers.
    - Added python2 package to prerequisites for script hotfix (CO_3.10.022_HF_BACKUP_RESTORE_1 - OCTCR19G1324050).
    - Added Defect and hotfix reference for issue.
    - Corrected additional Readme.txt instructions.
    - Corrected error message for /opt space requirement.  Requires 6GB minimum.
    - Increased minimum requirement checks for /opt to 12GB (Combined /opt and /var/opt/OV to 62GB) based on KM000001566.
    - Corrected check in case entire disk is being used for /var/opt/OV and no partitions (I/O Scheduling).
    - Included check for /tmp to be a minimum of 4GB free based on KM000001566.
    - Renamed Script and Readme to include COpt instead of CO.
    - Changed bundle to be tgz instead of zip.
    - Other Minor corrections.
    - Updated new KM document references.

You can also read the full support tip here.


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