Idea ID: 1654053

CDF HCM support for HPE 3PAR NFS (and other external NFS solutions)

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

In CDF HCM 2018.05 (and earlier versions) there is a requirement for NFS Shares to set all_squash to anonuid=1999 and anongid=1999. HPE 3PAR NFS module does not have the option to set all_squash to these uid and gid, only to map all the remote users uid and gid to anonymous user's uid and gid.

This means HPE 3PAR NFS (and likely other external NFS solutions) cannot be use in a HCM CDF environment.

A solution direction here could be to remove the requirement of all_squash to anonuid=1999 and anongid=1999 for the CDF HCM NFS Shares.


/var/vols/itom/core *(rw,sync,anonuid=1999,anongid=1999,all_squash)
/var/vols/itom/hcm *(rw,sync,anonuid=1999,anongid=1999,all_squash)
/var/vols/itom/postgres *(rw,sync,anonuid=1999,anongid=1999,all_squash)
/var/vols/itom/postgres-backup *(rw,sync,anonuid=1999,anongid=1999,all_squash)


  • We support the following at this time (as of 2020.02 release)

    • Supported NFS versions
      • NFS v3
      • NFS v4
    • Certified NFS Environments
      • Linux-based NFS
      • NetApp on Microsoft Azure
      • HPE 3PAR File Persona
      • Amazon EFS
      • Hitachi's NAS platform

    More information should be carried by each suite from -