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2 factor authentication for SMAX

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over 1 year ago

We need possibility to let users log into SMAX with 2 factor authentication.

It comes more often as a demand from the customers to support multi-factor authentication.


  • Hi Alper

    Not sure if you read your last sentence correctly or not - and i dont know enough about Radius. 

    So just to be sure SMAX supports both SAML and Oauth 2 for authentication. So if you can use those to connect to your systems then you are ok. 

  • We have this demand for almost all new SMAX deals. Especially government and finance customers are demanding 2FA support. Some SAML supported authentication sources like ADFS or Oracle Access Manager supporting that Customer's are not always willing to use them in their environment.

    For SM, MFA can be done by using a Radius integration which can be achieved by developing a Java bean that parses authentication information from http header. There are some SM documents that describe CA SiteMinder and IBM solution integration for SSO. Based on that documentations, you can develop your own solution to integrate with a 3rd party MFA solution. However for SMAX, SAML or OAUTH supporting 3rd party authentication source is a must and you can't integrate with a Radius server without SAML or OAUTH protocols.

  • Can Anyone here help me to know if Two Factor Authorization is supported now in SM or SMAX.  It is now becoming a mandate by governments and I can't see a solid reply anywhere, can it be done or not. 


  • Government  RFPs  mostly demand  built-in MFA support on client and mobile app. Most of the competing products do support that scenario.

  • If you vote for this Idea, please describe the scenario that is not handled by using a 3rd party Identity provider, as suggested by .