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A repair tool or function is needed for user management in SMAX bo

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over 2 years ago


We are facing difficulties when managing users in smax.   In our  environment, all kinds of authentications are being used.   Sometimes, there is being duplicate users etc.    Another problem is: We can not delete users easyly.  When deleting users from bo interface, some user information still existing in some tables like idm.   It is a trouble to manage users in this product.  I'd like to you add a repair button to repair users.   This problematic user issues let us thinking not to install this product in anywhere anymore.  It is an important weakness of the smax.  (All versions)



  • A customer have an inactive account they want to delete, the account have thousands of synced users which not needed.

    As it's not possible to delete thousands of users at the moment, there is no way to get rid of these data.

  • Please consider this requirement as an ER in future versions - able to delete thousands of users synced to SMA wrongly fast and safe.

    Customer is easily to configure LDAP/SMAL authentication wrongly if they are not familiar with it, then they would have the problem to clear the users that wrongly synced to SMAX tenant.

    If a customer configure authentication at the last phase before golive, when they have such issue, it made big impact.

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