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Ability for the Portal knowledge search to influence the relevance search rating of knowledge

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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over 3 years ago

It seems the end user portal search relevance is based on IDOL whereas the SM KM search relevance is based on SM KM features?

We want a consistent method so that what SM KM knowledge is returned is going to match the end user portal experience.

Further description:

User Story: as End user I want to influence the search results relevance so that I get better search results next time
User Role: End users, portal users
Requirement: Influence the search result relevance through service portal searches
Benefit: better search results and better relevance percentage
Value: less time spending on the searching to find the relevant article
Additional Description: When the users do search on the service portal, that search does not affect the relevance. Next time you use the same search terms it will be the same as before without taking into account the searches done before. The one on the webtier side for knowledge articles, it works as it supposed to.