Idea ID: 2768984

Ability to Add Prefixes to Ticket IDs

Status : Declined
over 1 year ago

Requesting the ability to add prefixes to ticket Ids in a similar fashion to HPSM. An example would be a Problem ticket with an ID prefix of PM or an Incident ticket with an ID prefix of IM. We have a business requirement to achieve this to better distinguish between ticket types in reporting. 


  • Hi Steve,

    I have added custom field in request table. I am able to capture prefix and ID combination into custom field. In tried to search the custom filed ID in global search but It did not display any result.

    Do I need to any other configuration to make the custom field ID searchable in the global search.

  • Thank you for submitting and voting on this idea.  Upon further review we want to let you know that this is no aligned with our design for SMAX, so we do not plan to accept this idea at this time. 

    You can configure a custom field that would include the ID with a prefix, but the official ID will remain just the number.  If you are extracting the records for reporting purposes you can add a column for the record type (Request, Incident, etc.).

  • hello Product team,

    Our customer has the similar requirement. It would be really helpful to include this on future release.

  •   I agree! It would be great if this was an optional administrative setting. I pull together reports for my company that aggregate data from our old system, HPSM, to our new system, SMAX. The ID's are obviously a mixed format of ticket type prefixed tickets (HPSM) and tickets that are numbers only (SMAX). We can format the ID's to add prefixes in our reports, but we want to ensure those numbers correlate to the actual ticket ID's in SMAX to avoid confusion.

  • please consider this to be optional and not mandatory , as this maybe applicable for some customers only