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Ability to add Service Owner (name or Id) as column in Problem or other Ticket reports

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

Currently there is a deliberate limitation/restriction in Raw Operational Reports where we cannot show the Owner of the Service as a Columns. However, this is a crucial person in the Problem Process (e.g. already gets notifications). 

We need a way to at least display the Name of the Owner as a column in a Problem Report (this probably also applies to other Ticket Types).

Note that the Name is an entity link field on the Actual Service entity type. This means that you’d actually need to select a field from the Person table to display or group by.  So the full path would be Problem.Service.Owner.<Person Field>.  R&D replied that this is too many hops for us to currently support with the desired performance.

Note: in the Filter you can already use the Owner of the Service to select Problems for a specific owner (not to be confused with the Owner of the Problem Ticket). However, this means you a report per person...




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