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Ability to make an attachment mandatory in the End User Portal

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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over 3 years ago

Brief Description

In the SMA-Portal, when users choose a catalog item, and if the item requires an attachment as mandatory, it should exists an option to validate the quantity of attachments.

Benefits / Value

Currently there is no option or rule to validate if a user has attached a file to the request form when selecting one of the catalog items. One common solution is to add a check box and make it mandatory, with a label suggesting to ensure to add an attachment, however the user can pick the check box and continue without adding the attachment. With this feature, all of those requests that require an attachment can be processed. When there is no attachment, the assignee has to contact the user asking for the attachment because he/she hasn't the info necessary to start the processing, taking some valuable resolution time.

Design details

In the Catalog Item record could be an option to select if the attachment should be mandatory for all the requests based on the Catalog Item.

  • Hi Micro Focus,

    This simple, but yet ver necessary feature was

    Accepted  on - Nov 2018
    Under Construction on - Mar 2020

    Seems pandamic has slowed down the R&D and featuure improvements divisions also :).


    Lovi Thomas

  • we need this as well for many use cases, e.g. when a template is required to be filled out by the user. Currently we need to include a checkbox as a reminder for the user to upload an attachment in the next step but this way it's not ensured something is uploaded
  • Is there any update on this? Someone knows when this feature will be available?
  • this idea has been accepted on our product roadmap, timing TBD. Subscribe to receive updates. (This is not a formal commitment, and subject to change)

  • Unable to Understand this greedy approch of HPE 

    it should be System Admins call that what sort of form he needs as per his environment 

    Why attachment caant be validated as mandatory this should be done 

    restricting such basic validation is a curse many other SeviceDesk Solution does provide us with this functionality

    Please provide a fix asap