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Ability to move SLA config using Dev2Prod

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Waiting for Votes
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11 months ago

Brief Description

In SMAX there are some records you need to create in order to enable SLA: Holidays Time Period, Work Schedules, Target Sets and Agreements. Since some of those records doesn't change between tenant, and still are valid, the Dev2Prod could have the ability to add those records to move between Development and Production tenants. Agreements clearly doesn't match and since the ID of the record change between the tenants, it still would need to be manually created and adjusted in the Catalog Offerings and Actual Services.

Benefits / Value

All the mentioned configuration has to be done in a manually manner, taking a lot of time and prone to errors. Depending on the customer needs, that configuration can be small or have a lot of records. Having the ability of move that configuration among tenants can improve significativly the go-live process. 

Design details

In the Package menu, in Service Level add one check-box to include the records.


  • A subject that keeps coming back:

    • Allow complex configuration data to be moved from one tenant to another

    Please also have a look at my comments to the closely related idea  

    I strongly believe that SMAX will have to include such a feature.

    Currently, all customers have to do too many things manually across each and every environment. "Codeless configuration", as advertised, should include everything that makes up the configuration. And that is simply more then just what is shown in Studio.

    Well designed processes are table driven, which means that tables with data virtually become part of the process. To me, this is part of what is meant by "codeless configuration".



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