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ability to notify to a group mailbox from smartemail

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over 3 years ago

This is a common requiement from many customer.  Some assignment group has a group mailbox.  There should be a generic ruleset that would sent notification to this mailbox if define and to all member if not define.  This would avoid tailoring and duplications of ruleset.



  • From Service Manager 9.63 applications, the Assignment groups definition consists of both the Member Group Email field and the Approver Group Email field and you can type a valid group email address. When sending notifications, the system sends emails to this group email address only. Otherwise, if these fields are empty, the system separately sends the emails to each member in the assignment group.

    Note: This function does not support all the Smart Emails with action buttons (such as the Approve, Deny, or Close buttons, and so on). The system separately sends the Smart Emails with action buttons to each member in the assignment group even though you have set a valid group email address in the Approver Group Email field.

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  • Actually this request is about SM.  Sorry about the tittle being missleading, but the request is not only about Smart email ticket but any notification you may define.

    When we create a notification via a RuleSet, we should be able to define the recipient as the assignment group mailbox.  Bottom line the request is about being able to define a group mailbox in the assignment table and to have the ability to use it as the recipient in RuleSet.


    I hope this clarify the request.


  • I mean notify the support group (assignment group) thru a share mailbox.